Condio Co-Packing

Your contract manufacturer for powder blends

CONDIO does not only produce its own compounds, but is also a reliable partner when it comes to your individual requirements regarding powder blends and everything that you might need around producing them. What can we do for you?

Services we offer

The fulfilment of individual customer requirements and the effective operation mode of our team are the basic condition of our way of work. As a specialist in contract manufacturing of custom powder blends, CONDIO offers various services from a single source

Laboratory service

We blend flexibility with efficiency

In our state-of-the-art factory we can produce your powder blend according to your recipe. We just invested in a top of the range machine that can mix individual powder blends and fill them into small packages starting from 200 g. It also has a special sealing unit. Now we are able to fill and label your product even more efficiently.

We respond flexibly to our customers' needs and are open-minded to your individual requirements. We guarantee the highest flexibility regarding our services.

Our aim is to create a flexible and efficient production facility by continuous process optimization across our company. The employees from our production and warehouse are trained regularly to secure the quality you expect from us. Furthermore our high level product quality is achieved and secured by regular national and international certifications.

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Various size units. Also the ones you need

In our high-performance production plants with short start-up times, we can produce different size units. This can range from 200 g up to 1000 kg. Furthermore, we are able to fill up different production line products in:

Paper bags
Big bags